You Need a Job???

We are currently hiring one wait staff person and one kitchen staff person, both positions are part-time.  You must be able to work nights and some Saturdays from 10-4 for the wait staff position.  Kitchen staff can work a combination of days/nights and some Saturdays.  Apply in person.  Interviews will be next Friday and Saturday.

2 thoughts on “You Need a Job???

  1. I am interested in the kitchen position as well as wait staff. I have many years of cooking expertise and most recently ran a B&B in Southport. I work full-time as Director of Social Services Mon-Fri from 830-500 and would be interested in evenings or weekends.

    1. Hi Ms. Zastovnik,
      Please stop by or call for an appointment:
      101 E. Brown Street
      Southport, North Carolina 28461
      (910) 457-5994

      Ask for Shelia Barbee….Thanks

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